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german villa | villa for sale in germany, berlin | id: 29892520

Bedrooms   3
Bathrooms  1
from €450,000


the seller of this property speaks: english

property features



rental overview:

ground-floor (commercial):

1. hair salon
space: ca. 85 m²
basic rent: 880,00 €
fixed-term tenancy agreement: 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2022

2. newsagent's
space: ca. 10 m²
base rent: 400,00 €
fixed-term tenancy agreement: 01.06.1994 - 31.05.1999 (yearly prolonging since 1999) - rental agreement cancelled to 30.06.2018


upper-floor (living):

3. flat
space: ca. 120 m²
base rent: 770,00 €
tenancy agreement: 01.02.2012 -


built in 1962 this building consists of 2 commercial- and 1 living unit. facade insulation is from 1997, the heating system was renewed in 2002. it has a flat roof and pvc windows with insulation glazing. the ground-floor has shop windows and retractable canopy. the living unit on the upper floor has a separate entrance area which is accessable from the side road as well as a private car space. the building is well-maintained and has been fully let ever since.


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