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Why rent a serviced office in Bangkok?

by Yuri Brixenmortar 18. May 2013 12:12

Over 14 million people live in Bangkok and its surrounding areas. Little wonder, then, that it is the capital city of Thailand. But Bangkok is not just big in terms of size: it is big in terms of influence as well, financially, culturally, historically.

As a result, it has long been a popular real estate hub, both for commercial property and residential property.

In the 1980s and 1990s, during the Asian investment boom, Bangkok became the place to go to for many companies, with international corporations locating their regional or national headquarters in the city.

Indeed, Bangkok is most famous worldwide for its red-light districts, but it is ranked only behind London and Paris as one of Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities - a mark of its economic prowess as well as tourist popularity.

Bangkok alone accounts for almost one-third of the country’s GDP, while the surrounding area takes that figure up to nearly one half: it ranks alongside Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul for financial clout.

Retail makes up a large part of the city’s business, but real estate and manufacturing are big constituents as well. With such a range of companies clamouring for office space in Bangkok, it is wise to make sure you know which sector you fit into - and where in the city you will be looking to rent.

The shopping centre, for example, is near the Siam area, while the Silom district has many important financial institutions, such as banks, in additional to hotels and restaurants.

Renting a serviced office in these areas will be geographically ideal, but may also come at a premium - particularly in Silom, where commercial property is located close to the legendary nightlife of Patpong and other activities. This combination of entertainment for local residents and employees as well as economic significance is both a recipe for prime real estate and the city’s overall appeal; a colourful blend of culture, commerce and crowds of people, coming from across the planet to see it for themselves.

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