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Renting a serviced office in Newcastle

by Yuri Brixenmortar 26. October 2012 16:10


Looking at renting a serviced office in Newcastle? You've come to the right place - Newcastle, that is.

It's a city with a reputation for industrial work - coal, mining, shipyards and wool - and with jolly good reason. Thanks to its booming manufacturing businesses, Newcastle was one of the big players in the Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century.

But over the years, that trade gradually transformed into another type of industry: commerce. What once was synonymous with coal and wool is now associated with retail and finance. And what do they have in common? Offices.

The city's commercial property market is as thriving as it gets in the UK, with office space to rent in Newcastle in high demand. It is already considered the commercial centre for the North East region of England, supported by neighbouring Gateshead. Indeed, Tyneside now contributes something approaching £13 billion towards to the UK GVA.

No wonder, then, that major department store chains and companies have based themselves in Newcastle. Debenhams, Apple and John Lewis both have a strong flagship presence, particularly in the bustling Eldon Square Shopping Centre. Nearby Northumberland Street is also in high demand for retail units, pushing the cost of offices to rent up to some of the highest UK rates outside of London.

Grainger Street is another financial hotspot. Indeed, the city's status is only surpassed by the MetroCentre located in Gateshead. But as the Eldon Square area undergoes a major redevelopment, Newcastle's commercial property reputation is only set to climb even higher.

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