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Renting a serviced office in Milton Keynes

by Yuri Brixenmortar 5. October 2012 17:16

Thinking about renting a serviced office in Milton Keynes? You've picked the right place. Here's why.

Developed in 1967, Milton Keynes was founded as a "new town" for the UK. "New towns" were once part of the government's plan to tackle housing shortages across the country in the wake of World War II, but Milton Keynes came along in the scheme's third wave, mainly designed as a way to stimulate further growth in the centre of the country, providing an overspill for already crowded cities.

The result? A combination of Bletchley, Wolverton and other villages to form a gigantic metropolis that revolved around a shopping centre. An entire property market centred on a commercial property hub? Choosing one of the offices to rent in Milton Keynes essentially fulfils one of the development's primary functions.

There is, of course, a substantial amount of residential real estate included in the area, but the city was envisaged as  a business district - as a result, a lot of the employees live in the houses, but the commercial core is the main focus. Indeed, eminent architects ranging from Norman Foster to Richard MacCormac contributed to the modern, minimalist urban planning.

The 14-storey buildings, towering over the outer districts, epitomise contemporary retail property in the 20th Century. Projects such as The Pinnacle, the largest office building to be built in Milton Keynes in 25 years, are renowned around the UK, while the central complex contains property ranging from shops and theatres to art galleries, cinemas, hotels, serviced offices and a train station.

So iconic, in fact, are its office spaces and commercial properties that Milton Keynes even stood in for the United Nations building for the movie Superman IV. If it's good enough for Superman, it's good enough for you.

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