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Prefabricated house for sale finally finds buyer

by Yuri Brixenmortar 2. December 2011 12:35

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Architect Leo Marmol is happy right now. His prefabricated house for sale in Desert Hot Springs has finally found a buyer – after several years of waiting.

He first built the property in 2005 as a weekend property. Much-lauded by critics and fellow designers, his home – constructed by his company in a Vernon factory – played a large part in popularising the trend of prefab homes in the early 2000s. The LA Times even called it “prefabulous”.

Since then, he has been trying to sell it. In 2008, his Desert Hot Springs home hit the market for $1.85 million as Marmol was designing a similar home in Venice. The L-shaped building, which is framed by recycled steel, breaks down into 10 separate modules.

The four house modules contain cabinets, sand-coloured concrete floors, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a guest wing. The other six are deck modules, designed to promote outdoor living. They include covered patios and a swimming pool.

“We very much live on the outdoor decks," Marmol told the LA Times three years ago. "It's incredibly peaceful. The relationship to the mountains is both powerful and serene. For us, it was a wonderful escape from Los Angeles.”

Two months later, the price was reduced to $1.5 million, only to lose another 10 per cent off its price tag another couple of months down the road. In 2009, the Californian desert home fell to $1.05 million.

But now, four years on, Marmol has finally sold the prefab home for $600,000.

“That's an astounding 68 percent off the original asking price”, wrote Curbed in August, “but it puts the low-slung beauty more in line with its less architecturally significant local competition. Set on 7.5 acres for privacy, the three-bedroom, two-bath desert outpost has already seen its fair share of the lime light: it's been published upwards of 70 times.”

If you're still counting, Marmol, make that 71 publications.


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