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Morocco is the New Destination for European Prestige Home Buyers

by Yuri Brixenmortar 8. February 2011 12:42

The trendier amongst the European jet set have always been attracted to Morocco. I was first introduced to the place way back in 1994, via the British comedy series Absolutely Fabulous which charted the attempted career ascendance of pretentious London PR Edina Monsoon. The episode where she and rake-thin, Botoxed best friend Patsy travel to Marrakech for a glamorous African getaway exposed to me, and probably the rest of the English-speaking world who didn't already know about it, the breathtaking desert locations, elegant architecture and laid-back '70s atmosphere of the Moroccan city, and since then European tourists and holiday home owners have gradually been flocking to this exotic Northern African nation.

Morocco's close proximity to the main business centres of Europe, along with its increasing frequency of good air connections with the major capitals, is making it an increasingly desirable location for both a holiday and permanent relocation. On a recent visit to Marrakech, I was quite taken aback by the large community of European expats dwelling particularly amongst the glamorous, modern developments of its New Town. This trend continues outside the main city limits, says Morocco Properties' Philip Arnott, where demand for luxury multimillion-euro developments has continued to increase despite a general flattening in the middle of the market post-recession. "Our clients are looking at properties in teh 2.6 million euro to 4.6 million euro bracket", says Arnott, "particularly those which are further out in places like the Palmeraie."

A trawl through Eurobrix's current Prestige listings reveals a similar trend towards the opening up of the luxury end of Morocco's property market. In a suburban area of Marrakech, a stunning five-bed luxury home is for sale, complete with sprawling gardens and high ceilings, with glorious views into the Atlas mountains beyond, for an asking price of 2.5 million euros. Another high-end development is also currently under construction in the Marrakech area with a selection of three-bedroom apartments for sale, all within a leafy resort a stone's throw from the capital which features its own swimming pool and golf course. Prices for this development start at 200,000 euros.

For a wider selection of prestige Moroccan properties, and further afield in mainland Europe, check out Eurobrix's main listings page and particularly our prestige homes section, which lists new luxury developments.

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28/03/2011 23:36:38 #

European tourists continue to flock in Morocco

Morocco's close proximity to the main business centres of Europe, along with its increasing frequency of good air connections with the major capitals,...

Yuri Brixenmortar

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