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Guide to buying luxury property in Portugal: Lisbon

by Yuri Brixenmortar 28. May 2013 12:14

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The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is the only large city in Europe located on the Atlantic coast. With its picturesque coastline, as well as its national and international importance on the financial and entertainment stage, Lisbon is a major economic and tourist centre.

As one of the richest metropolitan areas in Europe, it is also a hub for wealthy real estate investors. Looking to start a second life in Lisbon? Finest Global gives you all the basic background information you need to know about buying luxury property in Lisbon:



Lisbon’s Mediterranean climate means that the city’s residents can enjoy the warmest winters in Europe: temperatures only fall to 8°C in the evenings during the chilly months. The summer, meanwhile, stretches for six months - a weather cycle that makes it ideal for holiday home buyers but also pleasant all year round.



With a history stretching back to the pre-Roman era, Lisbon’s range of old architecture matches its varied culture; a mix of the old and new city centre that promises homeowners a diverse mix of activities to suit all tastes - including exclusive pastimes, such as Lisbon Opera House, for the wealthier residents.



Lisbon is by far the wealthiest region in Portugal, with the country’s major corporations all located either in the city or wider area. Senior employees enjoy Lisbon’s luxury real estate, alongside overseas investors, boosting the region’s GDP to well above the EU average; a welcome environment for those who prefer to share their street with prestigious neighbours.


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