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Canada's Urban Neighborhoods Come Into Their Own

by 29. January 2018 17:47

Canada has almost doubled in population over the past 25 years, making it larger than the state of California and much larger than its Commonwealth trading partner Australia.   Of course the positives are that the economy has gotten larger and there is still plenty of room left for growth in every province.  

One trend that has been going on for the past couple of decades is to put together large communities with spacious homes near a major metropolitan areas core.  Here are some reasons why buyers continue to move towards purchasing upper-end homes when they are available:

The grade is different:

When you buy a starter home that has been constructed with the least expensive materials possible, it is usually called apartment or contractor grade construction.  There is nothing wrong with this type of home.  They are well-constructed and are normally just short on luxury features.

On the other hand, if you can walk into a neighborhood that contains homes that have already been upgraded in terms of luxury and convenience items, it can make you and your family feel like you have skipped the 'starter' home phase by moving into a home that you might be in for decades.  The old saying is to buy the most expensive house that you can afford.  Part of that is because if you can skip the 'starter' home, the real estate market values in 10 or 15 years will make your current decision worthwhile.

The location is better:

Whether you are looking at Calgary real estate or a Vancouver BC tower condominium flat, the primary attraction for buyers is the location.  Calgary's location near the mountains is one of the larger draws for young professionals that want to start businesses and enjoy the outdoors while they are raising a family.  As a very international city on a par with Vancouver or Toronto, it affords some of the best restaurants and pubs in Western Canada.  Being part of the upscale social scene in a city like Calgary or Vancouver is easy when you live next to venues like that.  You are simply to nearby to ignore.

It should also make your work commute tolerable if you plan on going into the office every day.  Many of the new home communities on the market today are within a few minutes of large industrial and technology-related business parks.

The amenities are better:

If you have ever looked at homes online, you probably would agree that the more expensive a home is, the more attractive the floorplan is.  Like builders, architects like to leave a legacy that shows that they designed something that will outlast them.  When they create an upscale neighborhood, you can therefore expect to find features like custom great rooms and niches that you just won't see in homes in starter neighborhoods.  

With your architectural future secure, you can relax and entertain any type of guest while planning a collection of art or ceramics that will augment the home that you are settling in.

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