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A Millennial Guide to Montreal Real Estate

by 14. December 2018 09:32

It’s easy enough to understand why the Montreal real estate market would attract the attention of millennials. Its business ecosystem offers ample job opportunities for young workers and it has a burgeoning startup scene with lots of tourist attractions. Young adults have easier access to essentials such as housing, transportation, food, universities, and health care. Access to the Internet and contraception won’t be a problem. The city is quite liberal with high tolerance and acceptance of immigration, LGBT rights, and gender equality. The recreational options are also numerous with lots of festivals, night spots, and affordable beer.

Montreal is so ideal that it’s been ranked as the 2nd-best city for millennials in the entire world. Only Berlin ranks higher, which means that Montreal is better for young adults than any other city in North America.

Of course, if you’re a millennial then some neighborhoods will be more suitable for you. Here are some areas to which you should consider moving if you’re planning to live full time in Montreal:

Mile Ex

If you’re a young adult, you’ll love the vibe of the industrial architecture, the relaxed atmosphere, the cool sights and sounds, and the large pockets of secrets to discover in the Mile Ex neighborhood.

This is one of the main epicenters of the arts and music scene in Montreal and its hip ambiance feels like a clarion call for the young.

Mile End

Right Next to Mile Ex, Mile End is also a cauldron of creativity. In fact, it was here where the musicians, writers, artists, and filmmakers all gathered before some of them spilled over to the adjacent Mile Ex neighborhood.

Here you’ll find the places that fill your soul, such as bookstores and galleries as well as various entertainment spots.

Old Montreal

It may seem ironic that this oldest neighborhood in the city (it was established as a fur trading post way back in 1605) would become a Mecca for millennials. But that’s what happened, as numerous sidewalk cafes, bars, and shops have attracted crowds among locals and tourists alike.

You wouldn’t have believed its revitalized condition when you were here about 3 decades ago. Back then, the majority of the structures here were vacant and most of the people have escaped to other neighborhoods. It seemed almost impossible to improve since the law forbade tearing down historical buildings, and those were the buildings you invariably found in “Old Montreal”.

Thankfully, creative people came in and came upon the innovative solution of simply transforming these classic buildings into cool spaces for dining, retail, and residency.

St Henri

The vibe of the St Henri neighborhood is mainly about its exuberant youthfulness, but it is also unmistakably family-friendly. This area has seen marked improvements in recent years thanks to the arrival of new establishments with cultural and recreational offerings. It has a very strong sense of community, and the relatively affordable housing market makes it a logical option for many young adults.

Foodies love it here as well because of the Little Burgundy district. The various culinary options and food stands around the Atwater Market should satisfy your cravings for adventurous dishes.

Little Italy

Millennials with young children find this area ideal for their family needs. It offers a distinctively residential vibe, yet it’s near enough the city center that you have easy access to a wide range of shopping, recreation, and food options. Most of the housing options are urban townhouses, though there are duplexes with gardens. If you love to cook, you’ll also adore the nearby Jean-Talon market with its local produce and artisanal food items.

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