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Are overseas investors still interested in European hotels for sale?

by Yuri Brixenmortar 21. November 2011 13:17
With the Euro crisis continuing, investors are becoming worried about the security of their finance. It’s not great news for commercial property, not to mention the other real estate markets. As concern spreads across the continent, are overseas investors still interested in European hotels for sale? [More]

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Commercial European real estate recovers (slowly)

by Yuri Brixenmortar 31. October 2011 13:02
Commercial European real estate is still recovering from the debt crisis, judging by the latest figures from Cushman & Wakefield. Investment in commercial property on the continent rose by 5 per cent in the third quarter of 2011, as trading increased to reach €28.8 billion. [More]

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Commercial property: Eastern Europe playing catch-up?

by Yuri Brixenmortar 23. August 2011 12:24
As F&C Investments announces that now is the right time to invest in UK commercial property, Eastern Europe’s market is looking rather less promising. But it did go through a period of growth earlier on this year, and development starts are on the up in Eastern Europe. [More]

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