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Using a secured loan to add value to your home can be a wise move

by 22. April 2015 15:44
Whether you are looking to sell or extend, the importance of adding value to your home cannot be overemphasised.  Most people understand this. The challenge however is finding the funds required to make the improvements that will increase the value of your home. Personal loans are most of the time the obvious option but it is often difficult to get favourable rates if your home improvement is going to cost more than £10,000. This is where secured loans come in. Meeting the requirements for a secured loan is relatively straightforward and you can be sure to get approval and better lending rates even if you need £100,000 to achieve your dream home improvement.  This has made it easy for many homeowners to get the righ... [More]


London: how do you find a business property?

by 26. March 2015 11:24
London is home to some of the largest corporate entities in the world – but that luxury doesn’t come cheap. Indeed, the opposite is true. As reported by national newspaper the Telegraph, London is the most expensive city in the world for homeowners, edging past Tokyo and New York in the price stakes. The average property in the British capital comes in at £2,000 per square foot – and it’s keeping all but the richest out of the city. However, any budding business owner should have pound signs in their eyes at this prospect – just imagine all the wealthy clients you could coax to your business in the capital. A shop to let in London can come ten a penny, but you’ll need a top-notch letting agency ... [More]


Avoid getting overcharged by a locksmith using these tips

by 5. March 2015 10:48
There are many shady locksmiths around these days. However, with the right level of knowledge it is possible to keep them out of business pending when the law catches up with them. The main reasons people get charged more than normal by locksmiths is panic, desperation and ignorance. Panic leads to bad judgement and inability to analyse situations leaving you open to getting cheated. Desperation is the friend of opportunists. Ignorance is not always bliss. Here is what you can do to avoid overpaying. Stay relaxed It is easy to get all fired up and agitated over the fact that you’ve locked yourself out, but it is not the end of the world! Keep calm and take your time to go through possible locksmith options you can use to open your... [More]


Further Declines in UK House Price Growth

by 2. February 2015 11:30
Just last week, a RICS survey showed that there has been a decline in both house price growth, and the purchasing of properties too (click here to read more). Now, Nationwide, who are the country’s second largest provider of mortgages has said that their research also suggests that there is declining growth in the prices of property in the country. Inflation has fallen from 7.2 percent to 6.8 over the last couple of months, with monthly prices rising by 0.3 percent in January this year. This puts the average price of a house in the country at around £188,500, which means that prices have in fact stagnated, as the figure at this time last year was almost exactly the same. In addition to this stagnation, there are reports that g... [More]


Fixed rate mortgages are the top choice for getting on the UK property market

by 10. December 2014 10:46
A fixed rate mortgage guarantees that the monthly mortgage payment will not change during the length of the fixed rate period. Fixed rate mortgages are usually for the initial period of the loan, anywhere from one year to ten years. After the fixed rate term ends, the mortgage will go to a variable rate for the remainder of the loan. A fixed rate mortgage has many benefits that can help out a new homeowner. Major Advantages One of the major advantages of a fixed rate mortgage is a guarantee that the monthly payments will remain the same during the fixed rate term. Put simply in this chart from, you know what you’re spending with a fixed rate mortgage. A fixed rate allows new homeowners to budget their money without ... [More]


How to Prepare Your Garden for the Upcoming Winter

by 19. November 2014 17:39
As autumn draws to a close, it may be hard to accept that winter cold and flurries are right around the corner. Colder temperatures, less light, and an increase in rain and snow can all take a toll on gardens. With a little bit of preparation, the winter damage can be minimized so gardens are able to bounce back and be beautiful again in the springtime. Take care of fallen leaves Leaf removal is important for several reasons when preparing your garden for the winter months. Neglecting to rake, mow, or blow your leaves somewhere other than where they fall can lead to yellowing patches of dead grass and a messy clean up in the spring. If you mow your leaves, the leaf debris can be used as mulch in garden beds to help insulate them against... [More]


How to distinguish between good and bad investment properties

by 7. November 2014 16:40
While it possible to have get excellent returns from investing in property, it is important to note that not all properties are equally good investments. The main factor that you should be aware of is yield. How much will your tenants pay you in rent per year when compared to the purchase price of the property? A greater yield means that you recoup the amount you invested but it may also signal greater risk. With the help of the team at Lagan Plant, we’ve put together some of the key factors to consider when trying to distinguish between worthwhile buy-to-let properties and lower quality ones. Let’s get started! Location is king Tenants will often be willing overlook problems with the property itself if it happens to be in... [More]


Four ways to sell your UK home

by 30. October 2014 16:27
Four ways to sell your home but which is right for you? When selling a home in the UK, the vast majority of homeowners will approach a traditional high street agent to help sell their home. However, with online estate agents and private sales websites taking an increasing proportion of business away from the high street, there are now serious and competitive alternatives available. There are 4 main methods to sell a home in the UK, these being: High Street Agent, Online Estate Agent, Private Sale/For Sale by Owner, and Property Auctions. To help you navigate the home-selling minefield and find the best possible approach for you and your home, we evaluate the different methods and their pros and cons. High Street Agent 99% of house sale... [More]


Why it's important to get the right conveyancing service

by 20. September 2014 12:00
Many of us choose the first conveyancer we come across whether buying property in the UK or around Europe. There are lots of compelling reasons not to do this. In this article we'll take a look at some of the benefits of choosing the right legal representation to handle the transaction of your property, whether it is a flat off Gumtree, or an investment property in Barbados. We will also highlight some important things to look out for as you complete the process. Why it's important If you choose the wrong conveyancing service you could end up having to fork out as much as 2 or 3 times the legal fees for your property transaction. Don't be fooled by the cheaper quotes either. Sometimes there are hidden fees and extras that soon add up to ... [More]


What to consider when selecting bedroom furniture

by 19. September 2014 18:47
The bedroom is wherein most people spend the longest period of their lives. It is from where the personality of its occupants reflects. It also nourishes the mental and physical health of its users than any other location in the house. Therefore, as much as people focus when buying furniture for living rooms, they ought to pay much more attention when purchasing furniture for bedrooms. Unfortunately, most spend a longer time and much more money when selecting to buy living room furniture, but not so when it comes to bedroom furniture. Bedrooms: The Bed As the name bedroom shows, its central piece of furniture is the bed. Beds are available according to the size and the architectural design of any bedroom. Some of the sizes of beds are Sin... [More]


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