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How to Prepare Your Garden for the Upcoming Winter

by 19. November 2014 17:39
As autumn draws to a close, it may be hard to accept that winter cold and flurries are right around the corner. Colder temperatures, less light, and an increase in rain and snow can all take a toll on gardens. With a little bit of preparation, the winter damage can be minimized so gardens are able to bounce back and be beautiful again in the springtime. Take care of fallen leaves Leaf removal is important for several reasons when preparing your garden for the winter months. Neglecting to rake, mow, or blow your leaves somewhere other than where they fall can lead to yellowing patches of dead grass and a messy clean up in the spring. If you mow your leaves, the leaf debris can be used as mulch in garden beds to help insulate them against... [More]


How to distinguish between good and bad investment properties

by 7. November 2014 16:40
While it possible to have get excellent returns from investing in property, it is important to note that not all properties are equally good investments. The main factor that you should be aware of is yield. How much will your tenants pay you in rent per year when compared to the purchase price of the property? A greater yield means that you recoup the amount you invested but it may also signal greater risk. With the help of the team at Lagan Plant, we’ve put together some of the key factors to consider when trying to distinguish between worthwhile buy-to-let properties and lower quality ones. Let’s get started! Location is king Tenants will often be willing overlook problems with the property itself if it happens to be in... [More]


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