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Property Investment: Why Now Might Be the Right Time to Downsize

by 24. July 2014 17:25
We’re half way through the property market year, and many are claiming that property prices are so excessively high that they might throw the country’s economy back into a recession. With this being the case, you might ask – if you’re a home owner – whether now could be the right time to cut your losses and downsize to something a little bit more manageable. Now if you know anything about finance or investment, you might question the logic of this strategy, but there’s a method to the madness. Here’s just a few of the reasons it makes sense. The Housing Market Is at Breaking Point Although the worst of the economic crash of 2007-8 is behind us, it’s certainly not the case that none of its ef... [More]


Smooth Moves Guide

by 8. July 2014 10:45
Moving house is an exciting step in your life but it isn’t an easy task. The British consider a house move to be the third most stressful thing they ever did in their life, especially as the conveyancing process can be nerve-wrecking. Conveyancing is the transference of ownership from one person to another. While it is possible to deal with the conveyancing process yourself, many people prefer consulting a solicitor or a reputable conveyancing specialist such as Saga to make sure that the move can go as smoothly as possible without any unnecessary delays. Some of the services a conveyancer offers to the buyer are: Checking the buying/selling contracts Speaking to local authorities, utility companies etc. to make sure that there ... [More]


The UK Housing Market and Exploring Options Overseas

by 1. July 2014 17:40
House prices in the UK are growing exponentially. When this is combined with an increase in the cost of living, it creates difficult living conditions for many residents. The average price of a house in this country has rocketed to £186,512, and this rise in price is a threat to the UK economy. Property Abroad For many homeowners in the UK this is leading them to sell their property and move overseas. This is so that they can move to a country where they can easily afford a property and release some of the capital from their home. In addition, moving to affordable areas in Europe may also offer a more luxurious lifestyle, better weather and more career opportunities. There are a few areas in Europe, such as Portugal, Croatia, Spain ... [More]


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