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The eXpat Files: There's more to Italy than Naples and Venice

by 3. January 2014 11:57
11 years ago, Robin Watson and his family moved from the UK to a small town in the Veneto region of Italy. Their four bed home sits at the top of a cul-de-sac, with a beautiful view of the Euganean Hills. Only an hour from the sea (or – if you prefer - the mountains) and just over 45 minutes from Venice, it’s a great base from which to explore the country’s finer things. With great cuisine and the quiet countryside on the doorstep, though, The Watsons soon found there’s more to Italy than Naples... We sat down with Mr. Watson in his semi-detached home to quiz him about everything an expat in Italy needs to know: The area is ideal for bird-watching, especially in the Spring. What is your name? Robin Watson Wh... [More]


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