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Why rent a serviced office in Croydon?

by Yuri Brixenmortar 7. June 2013 18:22
Why rent a serviced office in Croydon? [More]


Guide to buying luxury property in Portugal: Porto

by 6. June 2013 12:21
Luxury real estate portal offer tips and advice on the world's top high-end real estate hotspots. [More]


Why rent a serviced office in Frankfurt?

by Yuri Brixenmortar 5. June 2013 12:20
Why rent a serviced office in Frankfurt? Commercial property experts at have a few suggestions. Do you know where the geographic centre of Europe is? No one does really, but one place that claims it is located in Germany’s Hessen district, not far from Frankfurt. The middle of Europe. It sounds like an impressive place to rent an office, but there are more reasons than just location-derived status to consider Frankfurt as your next company home. To start with, it is already the home of so many other companies. The second-largest metropolis region in Germany, Frankfurt is a thriving economic hub for the country: it is the location of the German Federal Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the Frank... [More]


5 considerations when buying a villa in Costa Blanca

by Yuri Brixenmortar 4. June 2013 16:19
Many people dream of living in a Spanish villa with a swimming pool on a hillside overlooking the sea. Other people may dream of living in a quaint little village with a view of the mountains and a courtyard outside their door. [More]


BuyProperty4Less helps investors do just that

by Yuri Brixenmortar 4. June 2013 11:19
BuyProperty4Less is an investment portal that helps buyers to do just that. The newly launched specialist site, part of the Lead Galaxy network of real estate portals, is tailored to meet growing demand for investments in bricks and mortar at a time of economic uncertainty. As budgets are tightened during the recession, there are a more ways than ever to buy property for less and BuyProperty4Less makes it easy to choose between them all. The portal’s intuitive layout breaks down properties into simple investment classes, including buy to let property, land investments, below market value property  and repossessed homes. With leaseback a popular form of investment in France, BuyProperty4Less also includes dedicated Frenc... [More]


Why rent a serviced office in Munich?

by Yuri Brixenmortar 3. June 2013 12:15
Munich may not be Germany’s capital city, or even Germany’s biggest city, but when it comes to economics, it is one of the country’s best cities. In fact, it has the strongest economy of any city in the country. [More]


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