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Renting a serviced office in Newcastle

by Yuri Brixenmortar 26. October 2012 16:10
Looking at renting a serviced office in Newcastle? You've come to the right place - Newcastle, that is.

It's a city with a reputation for industrial work - coal, mining, shipyards and wool - and with jolly good reason. Thanks to its booming manufacturing businesses, Newcastle was one of the big players in the Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century. [More]


Buy-to-let lender reduces mortgage rates

by Yuri Brixenmortar 23. October 2012 16:42
Keystone Buy to Let Mortgages has announced a reduction of 0.30% to all its three year discounted rates, now starting from 4.98%.

The reduction in rates is due to Aldermore Bank resetting its LIBOR down from 1.05% to 0.75%. [More]


Top 11 Florida property hotspots

by Yuri Brixenmortar 6. October 2012 17:12
After this week's guide to buying property in Florida, Move Worldwide got a taste for the Sunshine State and decided to take a bigger bite of the market. So we went out and spoke to some of Florida's leading agents to give us the lowdown on the most popular places on the overseas property portal. [More]


Renting a serviced office in Milton Keynes

by Yuri Brixenmortar 5. October 2012 17:16
Thinking about renting a serviced office in Milton Keynes? You've picked the right place. Here's why.

Developed in 1967, Milton Keynes was founded as a "new town" for the UK. "New towns" were once part of the government's plan to tackle housing shortages across the country in the wake of World War II, but Milton Keynes came along in the scheme's third wave, mainly designed as a way to stimulate further growth in the centre of the country, providing an overspill for already crowded cities. [More]


A guide to buying property in Florida

by Yuri Brixenmortar 5. October 2012 17:10
Planning to invest in the USA? Florida remains the most popular destination in America on, attracting almost two-thirds of all enquiries from buyers. But do you know your Disney from your Davenport? [More]


Seven easy steps to a good property listing photo

by Yuri Brixenmortar 4. October 2012 16:53
Looking to sell your home? A bad property photo can make or break a property listing; even a brilliant property can look terrible if the pictures are poor. knows this - that's why we allow you to upload up to 10 large images with our basic listing package. [More]


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