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Painting a brighter future for Italian property

by Yuri Brixenmortar 13. July 2012 08:52
Take a stroll around Liguria’s countryside and you’ll see lots of empty hilltop villages.

Deserted communities, whose residents fled long ago to the cities during the country’s economic boom. Now, these ghost towns sit unoccupied, unwanted by homeowners and buyers alike.

Except for one. [More]


Surviving in Cyprus: an expat's guide

by Yuri Brixenmortar 5. July 2012 16:57
"I finished work at lunchtime on Friday and by 3 pm I was at the airport!"

That's how Gladys began her new life in Lanarca.

It was a big step for her and husband, but they had been planning for years to retire and find a place in the sun. And where better than this impressive four-bedroom villa in Cyprus?

"Our family and friends were in a way upset at our decision to leave," she recalls, when they announced that they would move to Aradippou, a much sought-after suburb of Lanarca just 15 minutes from the beach. "But everyone remarked that they now knew where to go for holidays!" [More]


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