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European Real Estate and the Financial Crisis

by Yuri Brixenmortar 14. January 2011 14:27
The Eurozone crisis might mean bad things for the economy, but for those canny property investors there are many bargains to be had. [More]

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European villas - an achievable dream

by Yuri Brixenmortar 11. January 2011 14:52
On hearing the words 'European villa', you could be forgiven for conjuring up an image of the huge, indulgent seaside palaces frequented by oil barons and members of the aristocracy - in other words, something that is unlikely to be affordable in even the more affluent working professional's lifetime. But delve closer into the European property market and you'll find a surprising number of villas for sale in all sorts of destinations across the glorious continent, all well south of the six and seven figures. Just listed on Eurobrix is an elegant six-bedroom villa in Portugal, from EUR 850,000. Located in the tranquil rural town of Caramujeira in the Western Algarve, the sprawling property features immense landscaped gardens, swimming poo... [More]


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