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A Millennial Guide to Montreal Real Estate

by 14. December 2018 09:32
It’s easy enough to understand why the Montreal real estate market would attract the attention of millennials. Its business ecosystem offers ample job opportunities for young workers and it has a burgeoning startup scene with lots of tourist attractions. Young adults have easier access to essentials such as housing, transportation, food, universities, and health care. Access to the Internet and contraception won’t be a problem. The city is quite liberal with high tolerance and acceptance of immigration, LGBT rights, and gender equality. The recreational options are also numerous with lots of festivals, night spots, and affordable beer. Montreal is so ideal that it’s been ranked as the 2nd-best city for millennials in the ... [More]


Canada's Urban Neighborhoods Come Into Their Own

by 29. January 2018 17:47
Canada has almost doubled in population over the past 25 years, making it larger than the state of California and much larger than its Commonwealth trading partner Australia.   Of course the positives are that the economy has gotten larger and there is still plenty of room left for growth in every province.   One trend that has been going on for the past couple of decades is to put together large communities with spacious homes near a major metropolitan areas core.  Here are some reasons why buyers continue to move towards purchasing upper-end homes when they are available: The grade is different: When you buy a starter home that has been constructed with the least expensive materials possible, it is usually call... [More]


4 reasons why property investors buy in the USA

by 5. December 2017 18:11
In the year to March 2017, overseas buyers acquired 284,455 residential properties in the USA, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). They spent $153 billion, up by an astonishing 49% year on year to an all-time high. The median price paid was $302,290, and 44% of all transactions were made in cash. Nearly half of all these overseas sales were made in three states: California, Texas and Florida. But what is it that investors find so appealing about the USA in the first place? 1)      Financial opportunity America is one of the richest nations on earth. There are obvious economic benefits in a US property investment, such as the establishment of income streams in US dollars and excellent capita... [More]


Why settle for 'average' when 'above average' requires less effort?

by 27. March 2017 11:06
It’s a funny word, ‘average’. We use it as part of our decision-making processes, like when we look at ‘average’ temperatures to decide where and when to go on holiday. But in many other contexts it can be quite a damning word – ‘an average student’, ‘a pretty average performance by United’; it implies mediocrity. So is there any such thing as an ‘average’ buy-to-let investment? Not in our first sense – because every property is different, every landlord is different, every location is different and every tenant is different. But in our second sense there certainly is. Because by definition you’re looking for an average house in an average street &ndash... [More]


Where the wealthy invest

by 3. December 2015 14:34
The world’s wealthiest people are choosing to invest in properties outside of where they normally live, and the most popular locations are the United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland, according to a new survey released this week. The survey, which was published by Wealth-X and Sotherby’s International Realty, considered those with assets above US$30 million, otherwise known as ultra-high net worth individuals (UNHW). The report was compiled using Wealth-X’s proprietary wealth intelligence derived from their staff of global researchers. In his welcome note, Philip A White Jr, President and Chief Executive Officer at Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC comments: “The world’s UNHW populat... [More]


Kristall Spaces Are Proud to Announce the Mountain Spa Resort in St Anton

by 14. September 2015 15:37
It's not very often that there's alpine ski property for sale in St Anton Austria, but Kristal Spaces can announce that work is about to begin on an exciting new project, which is now available for investment. St Anton The ski resort of St Anton is, as the Telegraph points out, "rated among the top five resorts in the Alps for very good reason". The combination of stunning Tyrolean scenery, challenging slopes and one of the liveliest après-ski scenes in Austria makes it a magnet for holiday-makers — and therefore the perfect location for anyone looking to invest in Austrian ski property. TripAdvisor describes St Anton as offering "some of the best expert skiing and one of the liveliest après-ski scenes in the Arlber... [More]


Popular London Business Districts

by 31. July 2015 10:58
London is once again the most popular tourist destination in the world, with businesses to benefit from £13bn of tourist spending in 2015, according to a report from Mastercard. It is also home to hundreds of thousands of micro-businesses and start-ups, while more than half of the FTSE 100 listed companies have headquarters in central London. This all adds up to massive potential for businesses that establish or move to the capital. However, the costs can prove too rich for some companies, especially those looking to set up in one of the five main business districts – the City, Westminster, Canary Wharf, Camden & Islington, and Lambeth & Southwark. The number of graduates, working age population, and even the cost of ho... [More]


The top 5 most lavish flats in London

by 30. July 2015 16:07
The UK's capital city boasts some of the country's most lavish and expensive properties. Attracting wealthy international buyers and celebrities alike, London offers a vast range of premium properties both for rent and for sale, with a choice of modern masterpieces and traditional interiors. Whether you would like to add some of these properties to your dream lottery-win wish list, are currently searching for a new home, or are looking for a luxury short term rental, then feast your eyes on the best flats that London has to offer. Canary Wharf London's business district has long been associated with luxury apartments offering stunning views over the Thames. However, this two bedroom penthouse covers more than 2000 square feet and has a l... [More]


Living in London: A Guide to Chiswick

by 28. July 2015 10:25
Named in 2013 as one of the top five places to live in London, Chiswick is particularly popular with families. Situated in the Borough of Hounslow, one of the main advantages of Chiswick is its peaceful atmosphere. Residents here can take full advantage of living in this thriving capital city, while enjoying the quiet of this leafy district. If you are considering moving to the capital or would like to get away from the hustle and bustle of central London, consider Chiswick for a more relaxed way of life. Property Choices Chiswick may once have been a modest fishing village surrounded by agriculture, but it has become a popular and wealthy area. This is particularly evident in the district's property. You will find a diverse style of hou... [More]


Why property investors are parking their cash at Glasgow Airport

by 29. May 2015 11:34
Shrewd property investors on the lookout for lucrative property investments in the United Kingdom are increasingly turning their eye to the commercial property asset class. With UK interest rates held at 0.5% for another month by the Bank of England and stocks and shares considered too risky by most and certainly not giving good returns, it is little wonder this sector is seeing an increasing number of speculators. Airports are big business: Glasgow Airport accounted for a record number of travellers in 2014, with on average 22,000 passengers per day travelling through the airport. When using the airport, a good proportion of those users will require car parking, and this is why clients of FJP Investment have been investing in Glasgow Ai... [More]


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